Trending Fashion tip of Summer 2018

Trending Fashion tip of Summer 2018

In this era of Show-off, we are always judged by our appearance rather than our personality. Either you go for an interview or any party you are judged by an appearance only n then by your personality.

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.”

If you are looking for a website for latest fashion tips and ideas, the article will be the best option for you. You can find lots of spring fashion ideas on Fashion.

Here in this article, you’ll Get the latest fashion Updated and outfit ideas from your favourite celebrities and designers.

Colour Block, Prints and laces are the trends this season. The don’ts are always- not to wear uncomfortable clothes as if you’re yourself not comfortable in your dress you won’t be able to concentrate on the event.

Here are Top 5 Do’s and Don’ts about Latest women clothes:

  1. Colour Blocking

This has been a trend for a few seasons and will continue to be for the coming summers of 2018.  DO use the colours in pastel type of flattering patterning.

DON’T use horizontal colours unless you’re 6 feet tall and 102 pounds.

  1. Denim

Denim jackets are trending these days.  Floral print shorts dress in ice blue denim jacket will make your outfit look extra effortlessly stylish.
You can also try denim Boyfriend shirt on white shoes or a cool denim one piece.

Denim3. Pastel colours

Pastel is the demand of the time and amongst this peach is a colour od summer 2018. This classy colour goes for every occasion from a birthday party to valentine’s, from pre-wedding shoot to friend’s wedding.

Also, this year’s Lakme fashion show was entirely based on white & off-white pastel theme. So, if you are planning to get an elegant look on your pre-wedding shoot gets an off-white saree with pearl beads.

  1. Off shoulder & cold shoulder

Off Shoulder is the latest fashion for women, with these off-shoulder tops or cold shoulder one-piece dresses add up a style to your look by accessorizing it. So, try a beautiful necklace with your dress, is one of the quickest and easiest ways to convert your look, so dig through your drawers and try wearing some accessories you haven’t used for a while.

  1. Prints

Summer is the season of Prints you can go for floral dress along with computer chip prints, graffiti, art prints etc.

This season is all about tribal print designs. Some of the famous and popular designs are of Navajo Designs, Africa print and Asian Tribal pattern s etc. You can also wear a pair of printed sandals or heels if you keep the outfit plain.

Say a big no to large Neon prints on a white base, it will count under last year fashion.


Don’t Go Too Tight or Too Loose:

Dressing for your size doesn’t just mean nixing outfits that are too body-hugging from your wardrobe. It also means you shouldn’t wear dresses that are too baggy.

Either you go for an interview or any party you are judged by an appearance only so, don’t ever try to compromise with your looks as the first impression lasts forever.


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