The Tale of the Ticket


A significant portion of travel expenditures are incurred in the airline ticket. A return ticket – depending on where you are flying can cost a lot. To further complicate matters, tickets usually shoot up in price during vacation ‘season’, especially the summer months. It’s safe to say, if there are 150 people on an airplane, they paid 150 different prices for the ticket (assuming they’re in the same class). Ticket prices vary wildly, this is no secret. So how can you Purchase Airline Tickets in cheap price? Well there are a few tips you can keep in mind when searching for a ticket to purchase. Using these you can save quite a few bucks on tickets.

The first rule is checking prices in advance, never buy tickets a few days before you’re leaving (of course this doesn’t include emergencies or similar situations). Always book tickets at least a month in advance. Before you book, track ticket prices using Google Flights or a similar application – these monitor ticket prices and alert you if the price falls beneath a certain value. It’s a great way to automatically keep track of variations and buy tickets when they’re down in price.Another useful thing to remember is that flights on weekdays are cheaper than the weekends or a Friday. So if you’re flexible in terms of your departing date that can be a huge plus. This can reduce costs significantly. Same is the case with holidays such as Christmas. Booking a ticket for, say the 20th of December will be very costly than the 26th; this is because a lot of people tend to fly around these dates so ticket prices naturally creep up – often to astronomical amounts. Day aside, the time of your flight can also effect ticket prices to an extent – flights during off hours, for example early mornings are usually cheaper than flights which fly during peak hours.

Another thing to note is that flights with multiple layovers are often much cheaper than direct flights – so if time isn’t an issue, check for flights which have two stops at least. This can reduce cost by a fair amount. You can also use your airline miles to get a ticket or at least partially pay for one, so it is a good idea to sign up for the frequent flyer program, it’s usually free, at least the basic membership.

One can also use booking agents to get good prices; these agents usually have information which regular people do not and hence they can get you great deals. Speaking of deals, airlines usually have sales at certain times, so it’s a good idea to look out for them. A little known but important trick is to use the incognito mode of the browser you’re using; this shows cheaper prices. The logic is that the airline website can use cookies to see if you’ve been browsing for tickets, hence they show increased prices. Another good way to Purchase Airline Tickets in cheap price is simply browse the net and see if a deal catches your eye.


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