Properly taking Anavar is the key to gain benefits


Also popular by the name “Oxandrolone” Anavar is viewed as a mild anabolic steroid that is effective for both the beginners as well as progressive bodybuilders. This medication is popularly called “Var” among the bodybuilding circles. This medication was exposed by Searle Laboratories in the year 1960 and it had the purpose of aiding patients suffering from different muscle-wasting problems for gaining lean muscle. Due to the huge effectiveness of this drug, it soon turned out to be a favorite with countless bodybuilders. As it became hugely abused, Searle Laboratories stopped its production. When this company stopped producing this medication, other companies stepped forward to manufacture this methylated compound.

Nowadays, this anabolic steroid is hugely taken by bodybuilders who wish to cut body fat, increase strength, and strengthen their build. This medication is comparatively anabolic and has got slight androgenic properties. Countless females prefer this compound as it emits little or no masculine features. This medication is side-effect friendly that can improve the users’ performance. Prior to buying and taking this steroid, you ought to have adequate information regarding the mechanism of taking it. The dosage timing for male bodybuilders as well as female bodybuilders is vital besides getting aware of its cycles, results, and the side effects

Administering this drug

There are some reputable and trusted brands of this medication and they are Pharma-Grade, Newport Brand, Genesis, and Pharmacom. A beginner male steroid user should begin this drug with 50mg per day in his cutting phase. Based on many users’ reviews, a dosage of 30mg daily is enough to get concrete results. However, in no condition, a man should cross the dosage of 80mg daily as it involves a danger of causingside effects that can overshadow its benefits. It is also vital to remember that this steroid doesn’t fetch impressive results during the male bulking phases.

For the females, a dosage of 10mg per day is enough in their cutting cycles and with this dosage, they can achieve impressive gains while averting unpleasant side effects. In their bulking phases, a woman ought to take a maximum dosage of 20mg daily. Nonetheless, a woman must always keep this in mind that they are needed to stop taking this drug immediately if they happen to come across male features. As the injectable version of this drug is quite rare, the proper injection dosage remains unknown to many.

Proper cycles of this medication

If you use this medication properly it will fetch you unbelievable outcomes with the lessened danger of side effects. However, for this, you are highly required to create correct pills cycle. Your created cycle will largely depend on your tolerance level, gender, and your desired outcomes. Females who take this compound for bulking or cutting need to take 10-20mg daily for a period of 6-8 weeks. You should keep a gap with an equivalent amount of time prior to starting the subsequent cycle. The dosage timing for male bodybuilders is similar to the females. However, this medication does hinder the manufacturing of testosterone in men which is why they must include testosterone in their cycles.


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