How to Prepare Yourself for the Inhospitable Region of a Jungle


Life in the jungle is pretty hardcore as compared to a normal life. People often forget how important basic things are and take them for granted. These things can matter a lot in the jungle where typical life has no ties to civilization. It is always better to stay prepared beforehand and make yourself compatible with extreme situations.

Take a look at the basic tips to survive the intricate and confusing environment of a jungle.

  1. Inform Your Close Ones

It is necessary to tell someone about the place before you start your trip. Regardless of the venue, always clarify your family and friends with all the relevant details about your journey. Also, if you have an estimated amount of time fixed, the specific route of the journey or the place where you will be staying, for instance, Tadoba hotels; then enlighten your close ones about that too. Not only it keeps them satisfied knowing your whereabouts, but it can also save your life in case of an accident.

  1. Stay Calm at All Costs

In a survival scenario, optimism plays a great role in easing things up. Your attitude, senses, nervousness, and anxiety should be dealt with great optimism while surviving in a jungle. Keep a practical approach and construct careful strategies to keep your body and mind in the best possible state. If something is not going well like igniting a fire or building a shelter, do not panic. Relax, breathe, and decide your requirements, watch your surroundings and devise a new plan.

  1. Build a Shelter

Most of the people in a jungle survival situation often face great trouble due to direct exposure to the components. There are many cases of hypothermia that can be easily taken care of with simple survival skills and the ability to build a shelter falls under one such skill. In a jungle survival scenario, shelter holds a paramount importance as it prevents or minimizes heat loss. Shelter offers warmth at night and protects you from various elements of the jungle.

  1. Keep Your Body Hydrated

As the human body is made up of 78% of water, it is not surprising that water is extremely important in a wilderness scenario. Normally, a person should accumulate a gallon of water every day. Many people, who face jungle or wilderness survival situations, perish because of dehydration. Therefore, it is necessary to keep your body hydrated during a jungle survival situation. Look for treated water wherever you can and do not waste even a bit of existing clean water.

  1. Eat Available Foods

Things can turn frustrating if your belly is not satisfied with adequate amount of food. Thankfully, most of the jungles are filled with a wide range of food items. Wild plants and berries are the most commonly available food items, though bugs and small animals can also support your dietary requirements in a jungle. However, identify the stuff before consuming it.


Pre-planning and prior knowledge of extreme situations is essential for survival. The aforementioned tips will help you thrive in any wilderness scenario. Adhere to them and walk out as a survivor in any given situation.


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