New Zealand is not a huge Country; it’s similar in size to Great Britain but is sparsely populated with only four million people. The Maori people who inhabit New Zealand are very friendly and are knownall over the World as the “Kiwis”. They love being outdoors and particularly enjoy the water, with over 15% of the population owning their own boats. The Kiwis also enjoy windsurfing, rowing, yachting and kayaking. Include in this list: camping, fishing, and hiking as well and these are just some of the outdoor pursuits they enjoy. As a people they really are a sports loving Nation and rugby is just one of the sports they excel at.

The New Zealand Maori’s originally performed“The Haka” as a war Dance and it is a huge part of their traditional culture and heritage.  The word “Haka” literally means a dance or a song accompanied by a dance and is performed with weapons as a threat to any opponents.Maori legends and myths are full of stories regarding the Haka and stem back to the first encounters between the Maori’s and the first European missionaries. In modern times the Haka is more commonly used to welcome visiting dignitaries, to recognise outstanding achievements and isperformed at funerals and special occasions.

The “All Blacks” are theNew Zealand National team for Rugby Union and they perform the Haka before every game. It consists of the whole team chanting loudly, posing aggressively and stamping their feet. They all take part in this ritual andalong with the grimacing faces and forward movement of the whole squad thismake the Haka incredibly intimidating.  The performance symbolises the power and status of the “All Blacks” and clearly shows their strength and authority in the World of rugby.To understand more about the exciting world of Rugby why not watch Rugbydrill Videos at a site like  and learn more about the game.

The New Zealand “All Blacks”are captained by Sam Whitelock and have a Silver fern Frond as their emblem on their rugby jerseys.  They traditionally wear the All Black tops and shorts and are synonymous in the World of rugby for being ferocious andsuperb at attacking their opponents relentlessly.  They have won the last two rugby World Cups in 2011 and 2015 and have an impressive 77% winning record so they have well and truly earned their reputation as being one of the hardest teams to beat.


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