Hemorrhoids – What Is The Right Time To See A Doctor?


Hemorrhoids represent a very uncomfortable affection, but it is just as painful. Fortunately, treating it on time will prevent a series of complications. It is highly recommended to see a specialist doctor as soon as you spot a change, even during the treatment. Abundant bleedings, fever or constipation are some of the signs you should never ignore when you end up with hemorrhoids.

What are the symptoms?

The most common symptoms of hemorrhoids include bleeding and itchy sensations. Sometimes, the amount of blood left on the stool can scare the patient. Among other symptoms, you can also include a serious discomfort and skin irritations around the anus. Most commonly, there is a very thin line between the itchiness and painful sensations. The worst part is that internal hemorrhoids are harder to identify because they do not generate any pains. When these sensations step in, it is a sign that your hemorrhoids are no longer fueled with blood. In this case, a specialist consultation cannot be delayed.

When to see a doctor

The common symptoms of hemorrhoids may also underline a lot more severe diseases. For instance, colon or rectal cancer has similar symptoms. You need to seek help from a doctor if the rectal bleeding shows up in other moments aside from eliminating. Diarrhea or constipation is supposed to release the abdominal bloating sensations. If they don’t, the problem is more severe. Besides, a very dark stool or unusual anal secretions are just as harmful. Finally, Dr. Kamal Patel agrees that a problematic fever is also signaling a more important affection.

Finding a treatment is not everything, even if it is prescribed by your specialist doctor. After all, hemorrhoids are associated with a lot of unpleasant complications. For instance, the painful sensations are supposed to be gone within days only, but a complication may have them persist for more than a week. The anal nodules must lose their size as well, but this is not a general rule. If they maintain their size or they grow, getting back to your doctor is a must.

How to prevent hemorrhoids

According to Daily Health Tips, preventing hemorrhoids is not a hard job. In fact, everything stays in your diet. Make sure your diet is rich in fibers, but avoid wasting too much time in a sitting position as well. If your job implies it, take a five minute break at every hour. Be active and eliminate whenever you feel like.


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