A Great Modeling Career of Kendall Jenner


Who do not know about Kardashian family? Surely, almost all people all over the world have heard about their existence since almost all of the family members become a star or public figure. In addition, the Kardashians are always become hot news to be discussed. Now, we able know many more about Kendall Jenner. Sure, she is one of the Kardashians. She is the younger sister of Kim Kardashian, the world’s well-known celebrity. Sure, many of us have heard about her much, regarding to her career, especially. She is really popular on her young age, since she was born in 1995.

She is really popular as a model and as a socialite in America. Kendall Jenner’s modeling career is really great since nowadays almost all people know her much. Her career starts from starring many commercial ads, and then several magazines. Her career then continued as the runway model. Her first runway modeling is in 2011. It is the show of Sherri Hill that became her starting point for her shining modeling career.

Her career becomes high and high. In her very young age, she has been as popular as her sisters Kim Kardashian. Now, we can easily find her face in any media such as various TV series. Sure, many people get wondering on her talents so much since she is really talented in a young age.

Outside of the modeling career, Kendall Jenner and her younger sister, Kylie Jenner is also appointed as Seventeen Magazine correspondents on west coast fashion. They have been trusted to deliver the latest fashion trends on west coast to Seventeen Magazine office. So far, their works have satisfied the magazine.

Kendall Jenner is also active on Keek, a new interactive social network site, where you can share short 36-second videos with other members. You can click here to go to Kendall Jenner’s official Keek page. Christian Beadles is also a member here, and you can watch his daily action by subscribing to his Keek page.


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