Getting Comfortable in your Shoes


Women have often known to endure a great deal of pain for fashion. What is a blister here and there if you can flaunt the latest designer footwear? Everything that begins small could end up big. A small pain which started in your third and fourth toe because the shoes you were wearing were too tight on your toes could lead to Morton’s neuroma. Morton’s neuroma can only be surgically treated. Is fashion really worth this?

Men are not free from the pain of uncomfortable shoes. A survey revealed that most men would bear the discomfort of a shoe because they have already invested in that uncomfortable pair of shoes. Reinvesting the same or higher amount in another pair of shoes for a similar reason or occasion does not make any financial sense. It is amazing how some men would rather live with a blister than change the shoes they wear!

Painful feet also tend to make a person more irritable and moody. How much fun do you think you will have dancing the night off at a party when every move you make shoots pain through your leg? Or for that matter, how focus do you think you would be in a business meeting with a blister gnawing away your foot?

Make a sensible decision. Buy shoes from experienced shoe manufacturers like Merrell Shoes (available in this page), Ecco Shoes or others. These manufacturers have spent a lifetime and fortune in designing shoes comfortable for human feet. They have a wide range of designs to choose from so that you won’t have to compromise on your style quotient.

Understand the kind of feet you have and choose a shoe accordingly. If you have spread toes, choose a shoe design which is wider at the toes. Men’s jungle moc by Merrell shoes has been a favorite for this reason for a long time. It is wider at the toes and still boasts of an elegant style. Give your feet breathing space inside your shoes. You are not going for a run every time you put on a shoe. Let your shoe fit comfortably. Walk around the store before you finalize your purchase. If you are seeking a shoe for anytime wear, make sure your heels don’t hurt and that your feet don’t feel any kind of pinch.

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