Chicken: The Most Dominating Poultry Product

Chicken dishes

Considering the poultry products chicken is the most popular one, the modern form is in fact a type of jungle fowl whose hybrid form is the present kind. Various kinds of chicken dishes are part of everyday, occasional or festival menus all over the world. Especially in India the variety of dishes will leave your mouth smacking and the various dishes originate from the historical time and they have lent different meaning to any occasion or to speak to life. Prior to the help from the industrial sphere the nutritional input of chicken was not that extensive. It has to be remembered that chicken is a source of protein containing fat at low level. For religious reason, many people do not have pork or beef and this fact has increased the popularity of chicken dishes.

Across the border

As far as history is concerned the delightful Butter Chicken cuisine was developed in Peshawar in the pre-partition era and you will find number of restaurants in various metropolises which match the yardstick which makes it a flavour delight. Like all other cuisines this particular one has also evolved according to customer preference and reviews. This particular cuisine came to India, namely in Delhi in 1950.The scented flavour of the spices make such a dish a real delight.

Roasted delicacy

Can you remember any celebration where non-vegetarian foods are served you will find Tandoori Chicken absent, no one will wait for an answer. Considering chicken recipe in hindi, the roasted delicacy really adds up to the mood of festivity, and it is really tummy filling too. The name of the cuisine is based on the fact that it is prepared in a clay oven which is termed as Tandoor in Hindi.

The Mughal legacy

In case of Mughlai Chicken, you will find that this cuisine is stimulated by Central Asian cuisine and it travelled to India at the time the Mughals was ruling the country. It is meant for special occasions and different types of graded ingredients are required. At home any homemaker will love to serve such delicacy to the guests or to the family members. Most of the restaurants do serve this dish. The flavour and the taste just add up to your memory and you may wait for the festive moments to taste it again.

The light version

Then you do find another dish which is prevalent in North India termed as Chicken Saagwla and it comprises fried chicken. The benefit of this dish is as it is bit light, it is a choice which is healthier.

South Indian spices

The culinary expertise is extended from the South Indian version of chicken dish which is known as Chttinad Chicken and the interesting aspect is that the spices are roasted then applied. The chicken is prepared with special type of South Indian spices.

Conventional flavour

Another delicious chicken dish is in the form of Chicken Tikka Masala where chunks of chickens are cut and then added to various spices. Conventionally it is a boneless version and prepared in a clay oven. It definitely adds to the mood at any dinner table.


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