A Hassle-Free Trip: 5 Travel Essentials to Bring for Wheelchair Users

A Hassle-Free Trip: 5 Travel Essentials to Bring for Wheelchair Users

It’s good news that a lot of tourist spots and airports now incorporate wheelchair-accessible facilities to make it more comfortable and more convenient for those people traveling with their disabilities. However, despite these beneficial changes, there are unfavorable circumstances that you may encounter along the way.

Thus, for you to get fully prepared, it’s essential that you bring the necessary travel essentials in case travel inconveniences may arise on your travel. For some assistance, I listed here the things that you should bring on your travel if you’re a wheelchair user. So take a read!

Easy-to-Carry Charger for Your Wheelchair

Some models of wheelchairs, especially those old models, have a huge battery charger. If this seems similar to your problem, then it will be a big relief for you to bring on your travel a portable charger to recharge it.

You can find battery chargers for wheelchairs nowadays that have the similar size as laptop chargers. This size makes it convenient for you to put your charger in your bag anywhere you oo. Modern wheelchair battery chargers are affordable, and they have energy-efficiency and fast-charging features.

Foldable Wheelchair Ramp

Although most airports and tourist spots today already have facilities designed for wheelchair users, some places still seem to be left behind when it comes to such infrastructure progress. If this is the case, it will be convenient for you if you have a lightweight, portable wheelchair ramp as your travel essentials.

There are foldable wheelchair ramps on the market today that are affordable for your budget. These ramps are ideal for providing you a smooth surface if you want to enter buildings that have 3 to 4 steps with your wheelchair.

Assistive Strap for Sleeping

Assistive straps for sleeping are ideal for those people who have no or limited control over their lower body part but can move their upper body. Persons who have this kind of disability often find it hard to roll over or get out of bed when they wake up.

The assistive strap will assist these people since it has handles with the semblance of that of a rope ladder where the sleeper can cling onto if he wants to get up.

Anti-Theft Bag

There are times when people with disabilities become victims of theft while traveling. As such, it will do your good if you take extra care of your things and store them in a secure place. For this purpose, you need to include an anti-theft bag in your travel essentials.

Anti-theft bags are trending nowadays. You can find a lot of them with designs such as straps with metal mesh that make it hard for pickpockets to steal your belongings. They also come with features like the RFID-protected pockets which make it difficult for skimmers to scan RFID data on your documents.

Luggage with Spinner Wheels

If your trip requires you to pack more things than usual, you need to buy luggage for it. But, for you to have a less hassle trip, it’s recommended that you go for luggage with spinner wheels.

Luggage of this type comes with four wheels instead of two, and these four wheels can spin and roll to make it easier for the user to haul it. Whether the luggage is at an upright position or you haul it at a slant angle, the luggage can easily roll along the surface.

Luggage with spinner wheels also can also be attached to your wheelchair. If you’re looking for this type of luggage, you can browse through Deal Wiki for it.


It’s essential that you bring the things that you need on your travel. Your travel essentials will be of great help for you to have a less hassle trip. You can follow the list of essentials to bring on your travel above for that purpose.

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